John Elwyn


in praise of dappled things

LIKE JOHN CONSTABLE IN SUFFOLK, Samuel Palmer in Kent and L. S. Lowry in Salford, Welsh artist John Elwyn found lasting inspiration in a familiar environment. His paintings offer a peaceful vision of his native rural south Cardiganshire. For seven decades he drew on his knowledge and experience of the working life of farmyards and cattle pastures in the Teifi and Ceri valleys.


… the career and artworks of Wales-born painter John Elwyn.


… landscapes painted from memory and imagination yet based on real places and experiences.


… of the artist’s Welsh heritage and his empathy with the Welsh people, their language and traditions.

“However important the appearances of things may be, it is the reaction to these appearances in oneself that is of value in painting. If one responds to the mood of the surrounding countryside, if one can become aware of the pulsating earth around one, one can get nearer to the essence, the genius loci of the place.”


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